Aleksandar Gordan is committed to quality. We exemplify this through the high-end designs and developments we establish and an unmatched client experience. Our streamlined approach successfully paves the way for a final result that enriches lives and landscapes, in and out of the home, and long into the future. Our finessed framework supports the smooth execution of your design and development so you can relax and immerse yourself in the rewarding process of bringing your new home to life.

Preliminary Process

Beginning with an in-depth analysis of your upcoming project, we take the necessary time to understand your vision and objectives and to assess the site constraints, condition, orientation and streetscape and how these factors will play into the overall development. During this phase, we take time to meet with our clients, complete a thorough site visit, take any relevant measurements and research any council and statutory requirements. From here, we collaborate closely with our clients to put together a project brief that will lead the way and shape the direction of our designs.

Concept Design

The concept phase is all about exploring the ideas that form part of the overarching design principles of the project. Throughout this phase, we begin the spatial planning process, designing external and internal layout options and formulating the look and feel of the external façade. We will present our concept ideas and explorations through sketches, images and preliminary drafting that is collated in a design pack. Upon the client’s review, we continue working together to refine the concept and achieve the desired outcome.

Design Development

Entering the design development phase of the project, we begin a very articulate process of fine-tuning the detail of the design by applying a carefully considered approach to solve any outstanding issues. Throughout this process, we actively engage with the relevant consultants and begin coordinating the project requirements in more detail across architecture, planning and engineering. The design development phase also provides an opportunity to explore the preliminary costs involved.

Statutory Approvals

Working towards the submissions milestone, the architectural drawing package along with all the relevant supporting documentation (including consultants’ drawings and reports, certificates and checklists) will be finalised in preparation for the submission and council approvals process (DA). During this period, we continue to work closely with council and further collaborate with consultants to ensure a smooth transition in obtaining the required approvals.

Construction Certificate

Pending the approval consent issued by the authorising council, a construction certificate (CC) will need to be obtained before any physical work can be started on the site. We directly engage and collaborate with a Private Certifying Authority (PCA), whom we work closely with in obtaining a construction certificate. It is within the construction certificate phase that our clients will have the ability to choose the level of detail and engagement they require for our architectural services and documentation.

Interior Design

The interior design phase is not required for approval purposes; however, it is critical that the proposal of the interiors resonates with the overarching concept and design development. In this process, we cover the very early design stages of the look and feel to the inside spaces, all the way through to a meticulously detailed drawing package and a specification schedule with all finishes, fixtures and equipment produced. It is in this phase that our clients begin to feel how the project will come to life, inside and out.

Tender Documentation

The tender process is part of a procedure that involves finding a suitable builder for the construction of the project. We collate all the required documentation including drawings, specifications, schedules and reports across the entire project team and submit these to three selected builders with an expression of interest. Each builder will provide their construction proposal covering the costs and inclusions of their work. Working closely with our clients, we carefully review each submission to find the most suitable builder to be awarded the project.

Construction Administration

Construction administration is a service we provide ultimately ensuring that the quality and execution of construction is carried out in line with the design narrative. We work closely with the principal contractor and broader building team to provide solutions to any unforeseen issues on site, attend weekly site meetings, oversee the quality control and facilitate any variations and requests made by the building team. This thorough procedure ensures a smooth handover between all parties once the defects period is finalised and occupation is complete.